Thurne Windmill

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About Thurne Windpump

Built in the 1820’s, Thurne Windpump is one of the many iconic windmills or the correct term “windpump” on the Norfolk Broads.

Location & Parking

Located near Potter Heigham & Acle it is a short 40 minute drive from Norwich. Parking is available at the staithe for a few cars. During the summer it can get busy with holiday makers boats mooring up. Post Code NR29 3BU.

Best Photographic Views

Viewing this mill is best from the river by boat, walking along the river path can give a restricted views with unwanted vegetation. Views from the other side is possible and can be accessed by driving through Ludham and going all the way down Cold Harbour Road. Parking at the end of the road and walking along the river path. I am unsure if the path alongside the mill is now private property.

Nearby Places Of Interest

  • St Benets Abbey (8.3 Miles)
  • Potter Heigham (4.4 Miles) NR29 5JE
    • Lathams Discount Store
    • Herbert Woods Boat Yard
  • How Hill & Turt Fen Mill (8.2 miles) NR29 5PG


From , visit for its full history and more images. 

1820: Mill; built by England’s of Ludham

1835: Mill’s common sails were uprated to patent sails with a fantail 

1919: Mill cap blown off in a gale

1926: Steam turbine and shed built and put into operation

1936: Mill ceased working

1949: Mill taken over by Bob Morse and eventually restored with the assistance of the Norfolk Windmills Trust

2008: Mill owned by Debra Nicholson of Morse’s Wind Engine Park

14th September 2013: Mill abseiling event organised by Debra Nicholson raised over £2,000 for the mill.

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